Food & Alcohol

We are a small, family operation winery focused on providing quality wines and authentic brick-oven pizza, stromboli, salads and other menu items in a peaceful atmosphere -- making it a wonderful experience for every guest. We offer a relaxing and clean winery and decks for guests to partake of our wines, PA brewed beer and foods. Our kitchen with our delicious foods is open any time we are open for business, allowing our guests to order all day long. We also have desserts available to satisfy your sweet tooth after your meal. No outside alcohol or food is allowed.

Since we do not have table service, please come up to the large wine bar to choose your beverages, and order your food. You must be 21+ years old to be at the wine bar. Have your ID ready, as we do card. Also, after you have finished your wine and/or meals, we ask that you please return all trash to the nearest trash receptacle, and all glassware (empty bottles and wine glasses) and food trays to the bins by the front door. The wine flights may be returned to the wine bar.


Please contact us ahead of time for any groups of 8 or more. We do not accept limos, buses, airport style vans, rented transportation, etc., for 8 or more without a pre-paid reservation. Any group of 8 or more arriving separately may not organize any type of party without prior written approval from the winery, and a pre-paid reservation. Table configurations are set up by the winery, and may not be modified in any way. You must speak directly with staff, and arrange your group arrival at least 7 days in advance. Voicemails or Facebook messages left as a “heads up” will not be accepted as a booked reservation. Unannounced group arrivals cause strain on tasting room and kitchen operations, which may adversely impact customers’ (those in the group, as well as others in the winery or coming in after the group) experiences. Our winery is staffed behind the wine bar and kitchen according to scheduled events and scheduled reservations, including orders and events that may not be readily apparent. The tasting fees for an unannounced group, if accommodated, will be the posted group tasting fees whether or not there are other guests in the winery. This policy is to ensure consistency and fairness to all our customers.

Wine tasting

We provide our wine pours on unique, oak wine staves used in our wine making process, and made by our winemaker. Because of their uniqueness and the limited area we have to store them, we do have a limited number of tasting staves. On days we do not have large events, we are able to serve your tastings to you where you are sitting. When we have large events at the winery, such as bands, we do ask that you taste our wines at the wine bar, or seated at the half wall directly across the wine bar. This is so we do not have to leave the wine bar for long stretches to either deliver or gather the wine staves, as we do have many areas for guests to seat themselves, and do not have table wait staff. We strive to serve every guest in a timely and efficient manner so each and every guest may relax and enjoy their visit.


We are an alcohol-oriented business, and must abide by the rules of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. No one under the age of 21 without a parent or a guardian is allowed. Children are allowed at the seating areas with their parents or guardians. Inside the winery, children must remain seated with their parents and be closely supervised at ALL times. If any children are found away from their parents, they will be asked to return to their parents. If the problem persists, you may be asked to leave. Children are not allowed at the wine bar. Outside the winery, children must be within sight distance of their parents, and are not allowed inside the winery unless in the company of their parent or guardian.


Well-behaved pets are welcome at the winery. Leashes are required at all times, and we ask that you please clean up after them. Sorry, no pets are allowed inside the tasting room.

We thank you for your understanding of all of our policies. We wouldn’t have them without reason. For more information, please contact us by phone at 717-204-7508, or email at We look forward to your visit!